Happy Feet – Pedicures

Happy Feet – Pedicures

I’m fortunate enough to be living in a warm climate&have my tootsies out all year round but for countries where the summer is only just beginning to hit..get those feet out! So many people opt out of having pedi’s done for the most ridiculous reasons..such as I don’t like other people touching my feet or I don’t have pretty feet-well they’ll be a whole lot prettier if you had a pedi & GET OVER IT!.. if you don’t like people touching your feet. Your missing out on one of the most relaxing pampering sessions.

When looking for a place to get your pedi’s done keep an eye out in magazines and also ask your friends where they have gone&how they found it. A professional salon should include all the following in their pedicures:

  • Foot soak in warm bubbly water
  • Trim,file or cut cuticles and nails depending on your preference.(I always ask for excess cuticles to be trimmed instead of cut as some times it can be a bit sore!)
  • Foot scrub-working on the calloused area’s of your foot.(in other words the hard skin)
  • Soak again in warm water and wash off scrub
  • Foot&leg massage…which is the most enjoyable and relaxing part especially if you work in a profession where your used to standing all day its extremely relaxing and also increases your circulation.
After wrapping wrapping your legs in a towel to let the massage oils sink in your nail technican will then apply the colour you’ve chosen.Don’t be afraid to try bright colours..especially seeing as colour blocking is so hot right now!:) They should apply a base coat first of all to stop the actual nail colour staining your nails. They should also finish with a top coat to make sure your pedi lasts longer.
Don’t forget to wear open toed shoes or flippy flops..