Nuxe Foam Cleanser Review

Nuxe Foam Cleanser Review

A little background on Nuxe:

They have an extremely high content of natural active ingredients in all their products. The majority of their products are paraben free(Parabens have created a lot of controversy over the last couple of years because low concentrations have been found in breast cancer tumors however a link has not been proven between parabens and cancer but all the better if its not in the product!:) All their products are approved by the French Ministry of Research..and lets face it the french know what their doing when it comes to beauty products! Not only all of the above but Nuxe is dedicated to environmental protection such as recycling, reduced product packaging&discontinuation of leaflets with products. They are my new skincare crush!

The very first product I’m going to review is “Eau de Mousse Micellaire aux 3 Rose”- sounds fancy doens’t it!? So first off it is marketed for all skin types and sensitive skin. Rose extract and rose oil have very beneficial affects on the skin and are most commonly known for their soothing properties so its great if you have irritated or sensitive skin. Rose also acts as a toner. It also improves elasticity and gives an even colored complexion. It’s a soap free foaming cleanser so it doesn’t dry your skin out and it contains 81.6% natural ingredients so you know your getting all the good stuff!

Put to the test- So it states like most cleansers that it removes make-up from the face. Now you would assume that included eye make-up but I have yet to find a cleanser that does this because I don’t believe you can use just one product to take off your mascara and cleanse your face. I feel you need to use a cleansing milk with a foam wash and most brands will admit that its not meant to include eye make-up removal. So I removed my eye make-up first with a separate product and then applied 2pumps of the mousse to my skin, rubbed lightly in a circular motion and rinsed with luke warm water.-Just a note you should never use hot water or cold water when cleansing it should always be luke warm but you can rinse with slightly cold water after cleansing is done. My face felt immediately fresher and slightly plumper-not tight plump….there’s a big difference! You should never feel a stinging or extreme tightness in your face after using a product. The scent is also very soothing and relaxing and has a calming effect. If you like the feeling of having squeaky clean skin without any feeling of tightness or irritation this is the product for you. It really feels like its removed every trace of impurity from my skin.