Flawless Dewy foundation

Flawless Dewy foundation

Flawless/dewy foundation

Hey guys, I’ve just done a really quick video on how to get gorgeous glowing foundation!

First start off by moisturising, I used Nivea moisturiser. As I said in my skin care video I don’t believe in splashing out on expensive day time moisturisers unless you have problem skin. Better to invest in a good night time cream.

Next step is primer-Primer evens out the texture of your skin. The one I used is Smashbox Hybrid 2 in 1 and it has a gorgeous gold glow going through the primer to give you a lovely dewy base. Apply all over paying special attention to area’s where your prone to open pores such as around the nose and chin area.

Colour corrector-Should be applied before foundation because it creates an even colour canvas for you to apply your foundation on. Colour correctors- Green to counter act redness, Orange-to counteract any blueness such as dark undereye circles and Purple/lilac to counteract any yellowness or sallow skin

Foundation-I used Giorgio armani luminous silk foundation which has a subtle glow in it and is medium coverage and feels like your wearing nothing on your skin.Mix with Benefit Moonbeam to give gorgeous golden glow to skin using MAC 107 brush which gives an airbrush finish to the skin,light coverage and is great for doing your blending for you!:)

Concealor-I used Giorgio armani high precision in number 2 just under my eye area  to conceal any darkness that may not have been covered with colour corrector and it also brightens the under eye area. Your concealor should be your natural skin colour which is generally a shade lighter than the foundation you wear because most people like a tiny bit of warmth in their foundation colour and tend to choose a foundation that is one shade darker than their natural skin tone. I also applied to any blemishes. When choosing a concealor your better to choose a lightweight one and build it up rather than heavy coverage.

That’s it quick and simple so no excuses for dull skin!:)

Flawless Dewy Foundation