Giorgio Armani Catwalk Look for Fall/Winter 2011

Giorgio Armani Catwalk Look for Fall/Winter 2011

Giorgio Armani Fashion Show Make-up Look

I started off by cleansing the skin, moisturising and adding a primer-Fluid master primer by Giorgio Armani. Next I mixed high precision retouch with fluid sheer number 2 and blend it outwards from the centre of the face across the cheekbones and forehead to get a dewy/glowy skin effect. Then I used a tiny amount of Luminous silk foundation to further conceal any imperfections. To contour the cheekbones I smudged smooth silk eye pencil number 3 underneath the cheekbones and to contour the eyes I smudged the same eye pencil into the socket line and outwards in a ‘V’ shape.

For the eyes I started off by using a flat brush and dabbing Rouge d’armani 101 over the shadow I created with the eyepencil in the socket line.( The actual catwalk look for Armani International Fashion shows use Rouge d’armani 100 but I didn’t have it!) Next I blended the champagne colours from Fall/winter 2009 over the lid area. Again the international catwalk look using colours from the 2011 collection. Then I lined the inner eye with smooth silk eye pencil 4(black) and then created a straight liquid eye line from the inner corner of the eye outwards. I created a second line starting from the bottom lashes. The two lines should be parallel. I then used Eyes to Kill Mascara in black on the top lashes only.

For the lips I used lipwax number 2 with a lip shimmer. The international look is created using Rouge d’armani 108 and Rouge d’armani 525.

Lastly I powdered the t zone with luminous silk powder.

And that’s how you get a perfect Armani look for fall/winter 2011!:)