Time to detox…your make-up bag!

Time to detox…your make-up bag!

Time to detox…

your make-up bag!

January is here and while most of us are on a body detox after all the Christmas over indulgence it’s also a perfect time to detox and de-clutter your make-up bag.

Start by dumping anything that has expired, looks funny or smells funky! As a general guideline mascara should be renewed every 3 months. It’s one of the worst offenders for breeding bacteria and can cause serious eye irritation and conjunctivitis. The same goes for your liquid liner as the brushes/wand are taken out used and dipped back into their tubes.

Powder based products foundation, blush and eyeshadows can last up to 2 years. Liquid foundation however is best replaced between 6-12 months. A lot of liquid products and face creams carry expiration dates on the front of the package so keep an eye out for that. E.g 12M on the jar or bottle means throw out 12 months after opening.

Lipsticks and glosses can last up to 12 months and retain their colour and texture. You’ll know your lipstick has gone bad if the texture doesn’t spread the same and glossy tend to go very gloppy. If you’ve been sick or had a cold sore and used your lipstick or gloss it’ll have to be binned as otherwise it retains the bacteria and next time you apply you run the risk of getting sick again.

Enjoy the detox!!